Sock Taping Kits v1


PST Sock Taping Kits: Version 1

1 x Pair Leg Tube, 1 x Pair PST Pro Crew Sock, 2 x 7.5cm Pro Wrap & 19mm Sock Tape. Adult Size 7-11 UK. Made in the UK



P.S.T. Sock Taping Kit UK Adults size for 7-11 feet size.

Product benefits and technical specification:

  • Cotton impregnated foot for grip inside the boot.
  • Special cut “No show” colour above the boot line.
  • Flat linked toe seam for unrivalled comfort.
  • Extra long Leg Tube for above knee wear if required.
  • Logo can be covered if necessary.
  • No longer need to cut socks.
  • The kit comes with 2 rolls of PST 7.5cms Pro Wrap.
  • The tapes are easily replaced and readily serviced at retail level.
  • Great for goalkeepers as a stand out sock system with a contrast colour.
  • Great for out-field players; just find the colour that matches your team kit.

How to wear and use :

  1. Put on the Crew Sock.
  2. Put on the Leg Tube and push up to the knee.
  3. Place shin pads on leg and slip the Leg Tube down over the pads.
  4. Place the Crew Sock on top of the Leg Tube and tape together.
  5. Use the wrap to secure the pads in place
  6. Put on your boots and go win a football match!

Additional information


Green, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Royal Blue, Sky Aqua, White


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